contractor screening
contractor screening

Better outsourcing decisions and insight. That is what a comprehensive contractor screening solution will provide. Now your contractors can go to work for you before ever stepping foot on your premises. And best of all, your part is easy: provide them with your organization referral code, send them to to request and pay for their background check, and you simply review the report.

Through our innovative contractor screening solution, you now can:

  • Protect your organizations assets, customers and reputation from outside contractors
  • Design and implement a background screening program for contractors that mirror images that of your internal staff
  • Customize and tailor packages and services for each contractor type
  • Access to one robust dashboard to allow you to oversee all of your organization’s contracting companies
  • Have complete insight into all individuals authorized to work for you
  • The option to require contractors to pay for their own background check
  • Access our online system, twenty-four hours a day, to view background screening reports for your contractors

Our Contractor Screening Solution creates a win-win for everyone. Contact us at 877.893.5669 to get started today.