how it works
how it works

It is safe, secure, and simple and the absolute smartest screening solution available. Now the time-consuming administrative work of gathering applicant information, releases, etc., can be done in one easy step. Applicants can now confidentially submit their own personal identifying information online, 24 hours a day. Best of all, works directly with applicants to collect and process their information.

In the end, the organization gets the information they need, and the applicant gets a comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date background check from one of the most trusted background screening firms in the industry.

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I Am An Applicant:

Three easy steps and you are on your way! Within 24 to 72 hours your background check will be complete.   Learn More >>

I Work For An Organization:

You talk - we listen. Your background screening program is designed to meet your demands. Your staff gets to sit back and monitor the progress without spending hours chasing background checks.  Learn More >>